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Energy Efficient Options:
Mills Architectural Lighting is dedicated to energy conservation with lighting and control devices to help cut energy consumption levels, which reduce operating and maintenance costs. Mills' lanterns can also be equipped with LED or Compact Fluorescent energy saving bulbs in the upper portion of the lantern as well as high output compact fluorescent, Halogen or LED down light and body lights. With emphasis on energy efficient light sources, our lanterns can also be wired for Metal Halide bulbs at your request. Please inquire for pricing.

Prismatic Refractors are an option available with all of Mills’ lanterns:
Prismatic refractors provide excellent light distribution at the seating level by directing 80% of the light downward over the seating area in a 45 degree pattern (see Distribution Curve). These lanterns can utilize low price standard lamps or hi performance energy saving lamps to ensure savings in replacement costs over the years. ("P" in catalogue)

Lanterns that use reflector bulbs are less costly to produce. However, light distribution is not as efficient and on-going replacement cost is considerably more. ("R" in catalogue)

New Exclusive Hi Performance LED Alternative:
Traditionally most Church Lanterns utilized a 500 watt down light and up to six 100 watt body lamps (1100 watts of incandescent light) to achieve acceptable lighting levels. We have developed a new high performance LED engine specifically for our lanterns to achieve superior lighting levels, yet consuming only 135 watts of power.
With electricity prices at an all time high, saving over 80% of your energy cost and reducing maintenance costs by increasing the life expectancy to approximately 50,000 hours (50 times longer) is simply good stewardship. Please call for further details.