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Simplicity / 2200

Modern in appearance, each lantern is designed to compliment your architectural interior.

As well, all are fabricated from durable, rust-resistant metal.

A rectangular form of angles and planes that will harmonize with most modern and basic interiors. Multi-coloured inserts influence and recreate the medieval stained glass era. As plastics are not used in the manufacture, the lantern should maintain its effeciency and remain trouble free over the years.

Lanterns are spot welded and fabricated from rust resistant steel. All side panels are glass. The larger rectangular panels are available in cathedral white or cathedral bone/cream colour. The centre sections have simulated cathedral stained effect glass inserts, incorporating yellow, blue, red and green.

Outlet Box Mounting:
Suitable for surface or recessed outlet boxes complete with heavy mounting bar. Canopy attachment equipped for flat or angle ceiling.

For surface, recessed, false or vaulted, see detail sheet.

Overall Length:
As indicated on "Detailed Specifications & Product Sizes", you will find the overall length from the ceiling to the bottom of the lantern. Special lengths of chain and wire available upon request.

Frame, metallic bronze paint. Other finishes available upon request.

Lanterns are approved to National Electrical Code Standards. Two circuit lanterns are wired common neutral plus ground wire.

Prismatic Reflector Distribution Curve